PVC Foot Swing, PVC Foot Fidget, Classroom Fidgets

How to Make a D-I-Y PVC Foot Swing For Fidgety Kids

I’m super excited to publish this post by Melissa Souden, Occupational Therapy extraordinaire- She’s a fabulous OT and a very handy lady!  She created her own foot fidget swings using PVC Foot Swing to help sensory and inattentive kids pay attention in class.  Here are the Step by Step directions so you can do the same!

DIY Foot Swing, PVC Foot Swing, PVC Foot Fidget, Classroom Fidgets

HOW To Make Your Own Foot FIdget: A PVC FOot Swing 

A Guest Post by Melissa Souden, OTR/L

This project will make 1  PVC Foot Swing, to fit under an elementary desk with pre-existing holes for attaching (see photo), with 22” of clearance from the bottom of the desk to the floor. If your student’s desk has more or less clearance, you may need to adjust the dimensions.

PVC Foot Swing, PVC Foot Fidget, Classroom Fidgets

Materials Needed:

fidgets, DIY, sensory

All purpose cement




DIY sensory

PVC Elbows

DIY sensory

PVC pipe



Cable ties

  • ¾” pvc pipe – these are found in 10’ lengths at the hardware store or Amazon

2 vertical pieces – 17.5”
1 horizontal piece – 14.5”

Directions to make a pvc Foot Swing:

  1. Cut the PVC pipe to lengths listed above.
  2.  Drill a hole through each vertical piece, while making sure each is  1/2” from the top of the pipe.
  3.   Next, glue elbows to both ends of the horizontal piece with all-purpose cement.  Be sure to give the pieces at least a ¼ turn for proper adhesion – and have them pointing in the same direction (I set mine on my patio table to make sure they were level).
  4.  Glue the vertical pieces into the elbows. Make sure to turn the pipes at least ¼ turn. Then, properly orient the drilled holes at the top and left-to-right so the zip ties will thread through side-to-side.  
  5. Once it has properly dried (refer to glue instructions found on the can), you are ready to install your foot swing.  
  6. Simply thread the cable ties through the holes under the desk and through each vertical piece and secure the free end – be sure not to over-tighten the ties.  

PVC Foot Swing, PVC Foot Fidget, Classroom Fidgets

Happy Swinging!

ABOut the author: Melissa SOUden, OTR/L

PVC Foot Swing, PVC Foot Fidget, Classroom Fidgets

Melissa Riley Souden has been a pediatric Occupational Therapist for over 17 years specializing in school-based therapy. She loves cheering for the Chicago Blackhawks and coming up with low-tech solutions for her students. She lives in Palatine, IL with her husband Jason, son Thomas, daughter Katie and their 2 dogs.

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Did you make this PVC Foot Swing?   Let us know how it went!



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learning to tie shoes

The Amazing Secret Weapon to Learning How to Tie Shoes

 <This is a sponsored post. To learn more, read my disclaimer>

Learning how to tie your shoes is a giant leap toward becoming a “big kid”.   Kind of like getting your first car or driver’s license. It feels like you are immediately branded as a “grown-up”.

Yup, being self-sufficient below the ankles is a big deal.

There are tons of tips and tricks to help kids achieve those “big kid” milestones. Learning to get dressed (including shoes) by themselves is really monumental in a kid’s life.

Did you know that typically developing children are ready to learn how to tie between the ages of 4 ½  and 6?  It’s true. Unfortunately, many elementary school children don’t learn for years after that. 


Why aren’t Kids Learning How to Tie Shoes?

There are many reasons:

  1. No one ever taught them.
  2. Parents buy velcro or slip on because it’s faster and easier.
  3. It’s a hard thing to learn – Parents watch their children struggle with it and revert to number 2.

But there’s a solution for learning how to tie shoes!  Even for children who struggle with attention, motor planning, or using two hands together.

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The Must-Have Sensory Processing Resource

<A powerful sensory processing resource can change your life>

This post contains affiliate links.

Click to learn more about the minicourse “Unlocking Sensory Secrets”

Do you remember when you first started using Pinterest?  Really using it on a daily basis?

I do.

Discovering  Pinterest literally changed my life. All of a sudden I was:

  • A cook with tons of healthy and fresh recipes
  • A DIY ninja who could change my own electric outlets (Yes, I did that!)
  • A budget-diva who could wear thirty different outfits using only ten pieces of clothing that were already in my closet   

Not to mention the TONS of awesome OT activities and hacks I discovered, pinned, and started to use every day as an OT.

A resource like that is worth a million bucks.  

I FOUND ANOTHER ONE… A Sensory Processing Resource.

sensory processing resource

Yep, it’s true. As good as Pinterest.  This will make you a more understanding parent. And a more empathetic therapist. And an adult who generally has awesome ways of helping their kids with Sensory Processing issues.  Which, BTW, is also worth a million bucks.

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Twiddles Sensory Toy

How to Improve Self-Regulation With The Twiddle® Sensory Toy

<The Twiddle® Sensory Toy is the answer you’ve been looking for!  >


I’m so excited to write about a new product I found called the Twiddle®.  This is a sponsored post, which means I was compensated to write about the product.  I only endorse products that I use personally in my practice, and the Twiddle® Sensory Toy is a new favorite.

Twiddles are soft, therapeutic activity/comfort aids that assist caregivers and professionals specializing in children with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, developmental disabilities, and more.

This post contains affiliate links.

Twiddle® Sensory Toy

What is a Twiddle® Sensory Toy and what is it for?

The Twiddle intrigued me when I first saw it – what an awesome idea!  It’s a comforting, engaging tool that looks like a toy or a stuffed animal but functions as a sensory aid to keep a child’s hands busy and mind focused.

It has gadgets on the outside and a soft flexible plastic orbit ball on the inside; perfect for active hands that like to squeeze, pull, and play!

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10 Reasons Every OT Should Attend #AOTA17

<#AOTA17 is a must!  See 10 reasons why you HAVE to go!>


I’ve been an OT for seventeen years, but I’m embarrassed to admit that I’d never attended the AOTA conference until #AOTA15 in Nashville, Tennessee.

My excuses were:

  • It cost too much
  • I’d have to miss work
  • None of my friends were going/ I wouldn’t know anyone

Two years ago, my old roommate from college asked me if I was interested in attending #AOTA15 in Nashville.

YES!   I’d been dying to go to Nashville, it was a chance to hang out with my former partner-in-crime for a few days, so I was totally in.

That trip totally changed my perspective on the AOTA conference. 

Truthfully, I had no idea what I’d been missing!

Now, I can honestly say that I’ll make every effort to attend the AOTA conference each year. I decided to write this article to convince the Occupational Therapy practitioners who are thinking “hmm maybe…” to   “YES!” for  #AOTA17.

Here are 10 reasons YOU should go To #AOTA17 in PhilLY!

*This post contains affiliate links

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EZPZ for therapists

How to stop the disastrous mealtime spills!

<Finding a new product that I can use with students to improve their time on task AND  limit messes is no easy feat.  In fact, it’s a bit of a miracle. EZPZ>

I am so excited that I have become an affiliate for this amazing company – EZPZ!  So I’m able to give you a link to get an extra 10% off any EZPZ that you  purchase! (See below for links and discounts)

I have a lot of students on my OT caseload who are clumsy, uncoordinated, and distracted.

Then, there are the students who are impulsive, avoidant, and behavioral.

This leads to TONS of spilled paint, knocked over blocks, and (the worst) tiny items that end up ALL OVER my classroom floor.

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Best Baby Shower Gift Ever And It’s Not On The Registry

<Baby shower gifts can be so dull and boring.  Finally, a different personal  baby shower gift that the new mom definitely didn’t register for, The Best Baby Shower Gift Ever>

I have a confession:  I hate baby showers.

And bridal showers too.

I know it makes me a horrible  person.  And I am TRULY happy for my friend and their new milestone.  I just hate having to sit somewhere for four hours drinking punch with no liquor in it when I could be reading a book, going to yoga or cleaning out my closet.

I’m a terrible person.  I know.

BUT – I suck it up and do my womanly duty because it’s the right thing to do and I know my friend needs the loot.

Plus, I LOVE to give presents.  I always give my BEST EVER “Miss Jaime OT” baby shower gift. I’ve perfected it over the years and every one of my friends has gushed about how useful it was.   Plus, NO ONE thinks to register for it.

 I can’t wait to share it with you!

Every new mom registers for diapers, bottles, and sheets, etc.  They go up and down the aisles aiming their “gift gun” at all kinds of silly things that they may never end up using; noise machines, diaper genies, and special “baby” detergent.


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