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How to stop the disastrous mealtime spills!

<Finding a new product that I can use with students to improve their time on task AND  limit messes is no easy feat.  In fact, it’s a bit of a miracle. EZPZ>

I am so excited that I have become an affiliate for this amazing company – EZPZ!  So I’m able to give you a link to get an extra 10% off any EZPZ that you  purchase! (See below for links and discounts)

I have a lot of students on my OT caseload who are clumsy, uncoordinated, and distracted.

Then, there are the students who are impulsive, avoidant, and behavioral.

This leads to TONS of spilled paint, knocked over blocks, and (the worst) tiny items that end up ALL OVER my classroom floor.

Sound familiar?


You set your child up with some “finger food” or maybe some yogurt. And the next thing you know, pieces or globs flying all over.  You have a nice family meal ready, you’re about to sit down, and a bowl of spaghetti falls on the floor.

All it takes is one overturned bowl to wreck your day.


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At school, I often set my kids up with a  “fine motor” activity, and they immediately knock the bowl over.  Now, ten minutes of my thirty-minute session are spent crawling on the floor, looking for tiny rolling beads under the desks, etc. so that no one takes that “banana peel” spill when they enter the room.  Sigh.

Think about all the water that gets spilled with watercolors, all the paint that drips off the edges of the table when a child knocks over the paint cup.  UGHH.


How to stop your “swiping” child from knocking things over

And don’t forget the ones who do it on purpose!   Ugh.  I always end up with a few “Swipers” on my caseload,  too. The “swipers” are the impulsive children who are able to “swipe” a bowl of paint to the floor faster than a speed of lightening.  It’s miraculous, really.

But the mess is what stinks.  It’s annoying, but it takes away from learning time (sometimes that is their secret plan).


The EZPZ trays are my new Go-To trays for fine motor and “spillable” activities. They have improved my teaching and therapy time considerably.


How does the EZPZ work?

The EZPZ is an all in one BOWL AND MAT made of silicone.  It magically adheres to the surface – this could be a table, desk, or even the floor.  The “bowl” part is attached to the tray, so it can’t be knocked over!  It comes in a bunch of different styles, so you can pick the one that is best for you.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% Silicone
  • Hypo-Allergenic

And my favorite part?


As an OT, this gives me countless ideas for fine motor and visual motor activities. Plus, it makes it so easy to incorporate literacy into your treatment sessions.

Here are just a few ways I’ve used the EZPZ trays in my therapy sessions:

  1.  Loving this  EZPZ as a sorting tray


No more tiny beads dropping everywhere!


Use a dry erase marker to make each section a different color. It wipes off easy with soap and water or a Lysol wipe! Brilliant!


2.  Loving The Happy Mat EZPZ to work on body awareness, learning to draw a person, and identifying body parts.  (My mommy friend uses it with her child who HATES when different foods touch)

 file_003  ezpz


3.  Loving how it folds right up so I can stick in my therapy bag!

It so flexible enough to stuff in my rolling backpack! Gotta love a portable therapy tool!

It so flexible enough to stuff in my rolling backpack! Gotta love a portable therapy tool!


Get your EZPZ discount!



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