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The Ultimate Therapy Bundle is a carefully curated bundle of unique therapy resources that are specifically designed BY therapists FOR Therapists.

CLICK Here FOR an Overview of the ULTIMATE THERAPY Bundle 2019!

30+ resources including: 700+ pages of printable activities and handouts, 1 online VIP membership, 2 courses & much more! All created by a team of 25 experienced pediatric therapists. ONLY $24.99! ($300+ value)

  • ABC Printable Movement Games & Cards
  • Fine Motor Activity Packet
  • Copy the Shape! Visual Motor Workbook
  • Occupational Therapy Handouts for Home and Classroom
  • Fitness Bingo Movement Activity
  • Therapy Punch Cards 
  • Yoga Games
  • Understanding RTI: A Quick Guide for Therapists, Teachers, and Parents
  • Create-a-Story/Parts of Speech Printable Games
  • Fine Motor Stations 
  • Fine Motor Game Boards
  • Trace, Color & Cut Packet
  • Play, Move, Develop: Games & Activities for Development & Learning
  • Mini Scissor Skill Mastery Pack 
  • Sensory Red Flags Checklist
  • The Wired Collective VIP Invitation
  • Nature & Therapy Printables
  • Calming & Alerting Movement Activities 
  • Pencil Grasp Development Printable
  • Helping Kids Learn How to Button 
  • The Printable Therapy Planner 
  • Visual Perception Reference Sheet & Printable Visual Activity Pack
  • Video Tutorial: DIY Suspended Tunnel Swing
  • Pushing into the Classroom Webinar
  • Learning Life Skills for a Purpose (eCourse)
  • Lava Handwriting Paper
  • Teaching Kids How to Problem Solve (Handout)
  • Back to School Activity Packet
  • Primitive Reflexes Booklet
  • Therapy Activity Cards  
  • Food & Robot Play Dough Mats
  • Fantastic Fingers® Fine Motor Skill Builders – Levels 1 to 3
  • Flexible/Alternative Seating Packet
  • Fine Motor Boot Camp Introduction
  • Basics of Fine Motor Skills ebook
  • Movement Questions Printable Pack
  • Sensory Diet Cards
  • Yoga Bingo

Click here for descriptions of each product, value, and length! 

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Click here to get your Ultimate Therapy Bundle!

30+ resources including: 700+ pages of printable activities and handouts, 1 online VIP membership, 2 courses & much more! All created by a team of 25 experienced pediatric therapists. ONLY $24.99! ($300+ value)


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My Favorite Parts of #AOTA19

Last week was a complete whirlwind – whew.   I’m finally getting settled at home,  but I wanted to share my highlights of the American Occupational Therapy Association conference in New Orleans, LA.

  1. Reuniting with old friends from across the country and making new ones!

    Every year, two of my girlfriends from Utica College and I attend the conference together, and it feels like we are right back in college.  This year, I also got to hang out with my friend and fellow OT blogger Colleen Beck (From the OT Toolbox) and two other admins of my USA School Based OTs Looking for Change group (Serena Zeidler and Joan Sauvigne-Kirsch).  We had so much fun and definitely had some major brainstorming over the last few days.  It’s amazing what a bunch of OT brains can come up with!   I also attended the AOTA reception for the Communities of Practice. I’m in the state leadership group, so I had the chance to mingle with all the ladies I work with all year long.

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Why do Occupational Therapists want Educational Credentialing?

You may have heard the buzz about Occupational Therapists advocating for Educational Credentialing. Especially if you work in the education world.

What is Educational Credentialing? 

State Education laws vary from state to state.  But in every single state in the USA (except for four), OTs and PTs are not under the “umbrella” of teachers. They do not have “educational credentials”.

Why not? 

This started in the past.  Way in the past, because OTs and PTs were considered “medical” (like the nurses).  However, educational laws have changed to a more inclusive educational community. This changed how OTs and PTs are employed.

Now, school therapists support children’s academic success.   Unfortunately,  the state education departments haven’t revised their terminology and laws to include OTs and PTs as “educators”.  YET.

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