OT services in Long Island

Training and OT Workshops Available Throughout  Long Island

Jaime Spencer is a pediatric Occupational Therapist who has been working with preschool and school-aged children for sixteen years.  She also has a degree in Special Education and is a certified Handwriting Expert.  She recently completed coursework in Assistive Technology at California State University Northridge.  For more information about Miss Jaime, O.T., click here.

Jaime is very passionate about teaching her craft to anyone who will listen!  She loves to train teachers and parents about childhood development and simple ways to help their child.  She is available for many different kinds of training and workshops.

Occupational Therapy Services- Long Island

Are you looking to have your child evaluated for Occupational Therapy services?

Seeking Occupational Therapy for your child in your home?

Contact Miss Jaime, O.T. for availability.  A Dr.’s prescription is required before services begin. References available


“This was really one of the best and most relevant classes I’ve ever taken!”
~Barbara Geiger, Teaching Assistant 

“Awesome OT ! The kids respond so well to her and her ideas.”
~Anna Razza, Teaching Assistant

“An experienced and knowledgable therapist who is passionate about the work she does! Just amazing!”
~Christine Piazza, Occupational Therapist

“This course taught not only about different areas of motor development and how to identify deficit areas that may impact a child’s ability to learn, but how to incorporate simple pre-referral strategies into their daily curriculum and routine.  These strategies can only positively impact a student’s confidence at his or her ability to meet goals of reading and writing across the curriculum. This is turn encourages the student’s readiness to move on to the next grade level.”
~Special Education teacher

“Ms. Spencer is very knowledgeable and gave us so many interesting tips, techniques, and strategies to use with our students.  She made it fun to come to class each week. I know it will help promote student growth because I look forward to implementing many of the strategies I learned in this class with my students.”
~Tracy Smith, Kindergarten teacher 

“Our instructor was a wealth of information and so passionate that she made this class wonderful.  I have learned a lot about visual deficits and how to modify my instruction towards students who need these modifications.  I will use many of Jaime Spencer’s trick and tips over and over again!”
~Teacher’s Assistant

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