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Coping With Sensory Processing Dysfunction (SPD): A Young Woman’s Personal Story of Survival

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9 thoughts on “Coping With Sensory Processing Dysfunction (SPD): A Young Woman’s Personal Story of Survival

  1. Lynn Roberson says:

    Abigail is my amazing little sister. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a strong presence in her life during her darkest, most difficult hour, but I’m trying to be a stronger presence now. Words simply cannot express the pride I feel when I think about how far this girl (who people once mistakes as my own child because of our 15 year age difference) has come. And she didn’t stop with just getting herself in a good place. She continues to share her story, educate herself, and most importantly, encourage others! She truly is an inspiration! I love you little seester!

  2. Emily says:

    Hi I am 21 and I have SPD – I write. A blog called that documents my experience with SPD and how I cope with it. I found this post interesting to read and nice to know that other people around my age are coping too!

  3. devonshire says:

    I love the way she says the same thing I do – for years I thought I had all these quirks, now that I understand more about SPD I realize it’s all related. Lucky for her she found out early on in life. I had to wait til I was 34 to recognize that all the stuff that make me “weird” are in fact SPD. Knowing I’m part of a group of “sensational” people, to paraphrase Lucy Jane Miller, makes me feel great. I now embrace my differences. Be

  4. Jaime S says:

    Meghan, Thank you so much for sharing your feelings. I can’t imagine what you are going through – I hope that finding this post and realizing that you are not “alone” can be a beginning of a new way of life. I strongly suggest going to your Dr. and asking for a referral to an Occupational Therapist as well as a psychologist that specializes in SPD. They can support you and help you understand how to help yourself through this tough time. You have special gifts that the world needs to see!

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