Do It Yourself Crafts and Activities

Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.)

Most OTs are pretty crafty and creative and I like to think that I am no exception.  As a child I loved art and aspired to be an art teacher. Then I realized I was not very good at drawing or painting!   I am, however, pretty good with crafts, which worked out perfectly for me as an OT.

Pinterest has turned me into a maniac with the Do-It-Yourself crafts for home and for OT crafts with my students.  So I am going to use this page to post my favorite OT D.I.Y. activities.   I will continue to add as I discover and create.   Enjoy!

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Do It Yourself Activities

D.I.Y. Strengthening Games – How to make Gross Motor Dice, Memory, and Spinner games!

How to Make A Weighted Lap Pad (for $3 bucks!) with three items from Dollar Tree!

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