Motor Mondays – An activity a week to help your child

<Motor Monday is a new theme for 2017- a new motor activity, OThack or trick will be posted every Monday, so check back each week>

Motor Mondays

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need a little motivation to get going on Mondays!  A good idea, a new activity, or a fun craft can make my Mondays a little more fun and it helps the kids transition back to the “work week ” more easily.

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MOTOR MONDAY Week 1:  Legos and Sharpies

Motor Monday
Today’s Idea: Grab a sharpie and write letters on your Legos! Why not work on fine motor skills and reading skills all at once? You can work on letter recognition, sight words, name spelling, rhyming, or even sentences! Make it work for you. Have ABC beads? Have the kids string them to spell their sight words or put the letters of the alphabet in order. This is a great independent center for kids.


MOTOR MONDAY Week 2:  Pipe Cleaners for Shoe-tying

shoe-tying and pipe cleaners
Today’s Idea: Use two different color pipe cleaners taped to a table to teach your child how to tie a bow.I’ve taught hundreds of children how to tie. One of the most difficult and frustrating things about tying is that children have to keep both hands on the laces at all times, or the laces will “flop” and you lose your “bow” or “loop”, etc. With pipe cleaners, the loops stay in position, even if the child takes their hands away. This helps them to see what the laces should look like, and makes it less frustrating.

For more shoe-tying tricks and hacks, check out my shoe-tying post here.

Motor MOnday Week 3:  An #OThack for Visual Mazes

  Today’s #OT Hack:  Use a transparency sheet or a page protector and a dry erase marker to complete visual mazes.

Motor Monday Week 4:

How to Make Heavenly Chocolate-Scented Play-dough
 Today’s idea: Make chocolate-scented no cook playdough for Valentine’s Day! YUM! This is non-toxic, but not edible, no cook 5 ingredient play dough. Simple to make and so much fun! Plus, play dough and “cooking” work on tons of different skills! This is the perfect sensory activity for the upcoming holiday.

Get your FREE PRINTABLE  RECIPE and the list of benefits of play dough at here.


MOTOR MONDAY Week 5: Super Simple Hand Strengthening

Today’s idea: Change up your typical Motor Centers with some Valentine’s trinkets. Check out  these 3 Super Simple Motor Center ideas to work on hand strength, visual perception, and more.

Motor Monday Week 6: Cabinet Liner for the Clumsy Child

Today’s Motor Monday tip is an “OT Hack” for the classroom or kitchen table.

Does your child knock things over all the time?

Are they unorganized, with supplies all over the desk?

Try cabinet liner underneath their crayon box. The rubbery texture prevents things from sliding or slipping off the desk. It’s great for underneath a slant board, too!

Check out these other simple tricks to make life easier!

Monday MOtor Week 7: Use a Pool Noodle to Adjust Classroom Furniture

 Today’s trick- use a pool noodle to adjust your seating.

Have a slumper? Try a pool noodle down the back of the chair.

Does your student fall off the chair all the time? Use a pool noodle on the sides. Or you can try cabinet liner (last week’s tip).

Check out these other tips for positioning AND get your

size a desk

MOTOR MONDAY WEEK 8: 3 rules and 2 magical Crayons to Change Your child’s grasp

  change your child's grip

This is one of my go-to tricks to change a child’s crayon grip when they use too many fingers.

MOTOR MONDAY WEEK 9: How to Install BOuncy Bands For your Wiggly Kid

MOTOR MONDAY WEEK 10: Try chewing gum to improve concentration

School OT
 Is your child having difficulty concentrating on homework?  Try having them chew gum!  Oral input activities like chewing, sucking, or blowing improve focus and attention.  Here are 5 solutions to homework time with your fidgety kid.

MOTOR MONDAY WEEK 13:Recycle your photocopy boxes to make seats

  When children have poor body awareness and can’t sit in one spot, it can make circle time very hectic.  Try cutting a photocopy box in half and doubling it up to make a “seat”.  These provide a little support at the back, but help children to stay in one spot.