Best Apps for Visual Perception



A printable list of a school occupational therapist’s favorite visual perceptual apps!



Educational Apps for the iPad or tablet that address visual perceptual and visual-motor coordination. Visual perceptual skills play an integral part in reading and math skills. There are many ways to work on visual perceptual skills – while keeping it fun and fresh.  This is a free printable list of apps that address the foundational skills of visual perception: matching, sorting, using visual discrimination, understanding spatial relationships, and finding specific visual stimuli in a busy background.

Get my Best Apps for Visual Perception so you can stock up your “Visual Perceptual” tools.

2 thoughts on “Best Apps for Visual Perception

  1. Debra Brenner says:

    Hi Miss Jamie,
    I work in the schools as an OT and love your items and information. I have a couple things;
    1st Do you have any goal based standards progress monitoring sheets or items, quick and easy to use?
    2nd. I have an induction project on How to provide OT services Virtually and I need some help, I only know how to present my OT services in person. I need help with how I do this and what are the best platforms to use. I am hoping you can help me.
    3rd,I also to get busy with my CDEs, its I haven’t any time being the only OT in the district.
    I work in school district of CO and the induction in part of CDE, in their RANDA program. I would appreciate any help you could give and/or point me in the right direction.
    Most Sincerely,
    Debra Brenner OTR/L

    • Jaime S says:

      Hi Debra!
      1) My manipulation packet products as well as my FUNctional Visual perception workbook have progress monitoring and tracking sheets in them.
      2) I have a Handwriting CEU webinar as well as a Vision CEU webinars that are approved by AOTA.
      3) I also have a free teletherapy webinar that you can use to get started in teletherapy.

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