Teaching Letter Formations in Groups Workbook


A handwriting workbook that teaches the letters in groups by developmental order, to simplify the process of learning proper letter formation.  Learning the letters in groups by formation just makes sense!


HAndwriting workbook

This handwriting workbook is a companion to the “How (& why) to Teach Letter Formations in Groups”.  It features individual pages for all capital, lowercase, and numbers.  Letter formations that can be taught in groups are also featured on the same page to encourage motor memory.  It’s not necessary to see the webinar to use the workbook.  It’s universal and can be used to teach, re-teach and practice all letters and numbers.  This workbook may be used to supplement any handwriting curriculum. 

The workbook features:

Where can I view the coursE That Goes with the workbook?  

View the course until November 30th on Miss Jaime’s YouTube OR Facebook Pages. Click the images below.

miss Jaime OT's youtube channel miss jaime, OT's facebook group

The recommended audience includes occupational therapy practitioners, parents, or educators who are interested in learning how to simplify the process of teaching letter formations by teaching in groups.

Want CEUs & Slides from the webinar?

The accompanying webinar is approved for .2 AOTA CEUs (2 contact hours).  Learn more here.  

To receive verification of successful completion of the following credit hours, participants must:

  • pass an assessment of learning quiz with a score of at least 70%
  • complete a course evaluation


Accessibility Needs:  Please send an email with a detailed description of your accessibility needs to Jaime@MissJaimeOT.com

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  1. Debra Brenner says:

    I’ve been out of commission this summer, but doing better. The last part of the this pasted school year I had gotten things from your site, to include resources free and purchased. IT has been a difficult year for me (past school year) and was unable to complete a Project Based Induction assignment for my new school district. They have given me another year to complete it. The topic is about me choosing a platform for school based OT service delivery ( or how do I transfer my in person school OT services to Virtual OT services?). I need to write a reflection paper and do a timed presentation, some others have presented using google slides with recording of themselves. I am still struggling to get started, it’s like a mental road block, probably since, I struggled this past years to present my services virtually. I used google meet but for some reason I struggled with simple things like presenting information and You Tube, especially during a observation by director , having my director watch me in the past (but in person OT services), I did very well, but not so with virtual. I have doing this for 20 years and I truly want to learn how to be successful presenting my OT services virtually. I have watch videos on how to do this but, when she is watching me working virtually with a student it all falls apart. I know things happen during in person services, but you adapt and move on, but I can’t seem to do that virtually. Sorry, this long message, but I need help figuring this out and finding way to not be intimated? by the presentation of OT services virtually . How can I learn how to be a successfully trained as a Virtual OT? Where and how do I get the training to make the transition from IN person OT services in the schools to virtual delivery of services? How do you do this at the same time you are expected to be doing it? I really need help and I praying you may have some answers for me. How does one learn how to service students virtually when you have never done it and you haven’t anyone training. I am the only OT for this small school district, but I service 7 building (preK 3 & 4’s through 12th grade, 1 high school 1 middle school and 5 elementary schools and total of about 57 students). I would greatly appreciate your support, time, help and recommendations, especially training. Most sincerely Debra Brenner OT

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