Manipulation Dot Activity Packet


A 25-page printable packet that provides hours of fun manipulation tasks!  Perfect for parents, teachers, and therapists!  Use the progress monitoring sheets to easily keep track of your child’s goals.



This 25-page printable activity packet provides tons of ideas for working on fine motor and in-hand manipulation skills!

Use a timer to work on speed and accuracy.

Use whatever manipulatives you have on hand; stickers, pennies, bingo chips, beads, etc.


Progress monitoring sheets are included to track your child’s ability to
-use in-hand manipulation
-cross midline
-coloring in the lines
-sorting by capital or lowercase
-letter identification
-visual perceptual skills
-recognizing odd and even numbers
-counting by two’s, three’s, etc.

Work on spelling, sight words, math skills, and more!

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10 thoughts on “Manipulation Dot Activity Packet

  1. Amanda Oppenheim says:

    Wow this is an amazing product! Thanks so much for taking the time to create it. I can’t wait to use it with my students!! Who knew one idea can target so many skills and the way to adapt and change them is endless! Can’t wait to see what else you create in the future!

  2. Patricia Fleet says:

    Jamie, I typically work with adults with acquired brain injury. I find that many of the activity pages that are made for children, appear “childish” to my clients. I’m thinking of ones with pirates and teddy bears, etc. Wondering how you would describe your packet.

    • Jaime S says:

      HI Patricia- I don’t think they are childish. No characters, etc. I have used them with my middle school and high school kids. They’d be fine for your population.

  3. Theresa M Marik says:

    Dear Jamie, This morning I purchased the Manipulation Activity Pack and received it in my email but did not get a chance to correctly download it on my flashdrive and then the email would not let me download it again. Can you please send it again or something? I would like to use it today.
    Thanks, Theresa Marik

  4. Colleen McDonald says:

    Jaime, your email reminder that this product is available couldn’t have come at a better time! My colleagues and I, EC- Senior high, are busily locating resources to use ourselves and to share with one another, as we figure out how to serve our kids and families, and help our teachers, during school closure. I already thought you were a genius for connecting manipulatives to academics as well as motor skill development, with built-in data collection. (And now those videos that are a kind of “manual” in themselves!) This resource couldn’t be more suited to this time, and the need to “push in” to homes that include students of many ages and and can be done with whatever manipulatives are on hand. Bless you ! And thank you!!

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