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I love living in a state that has four seasons. I love the beach in the summer, skiing in the winter, and pumpkin lattes in the fall.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years as a therapist is that not everyone loves the change of seasons. Children with sensory processing difficulties, in particular, have a hard time adjusting to the changes.  I’ve explained to many parents over the years that their little guy with sensory processing problems doesn’t see, hear, or feel things the way we do.  Holiday lights and decorations may be too much, Halloween costumes may be too itchy or uncomfortable,  and the flowers blooming in the springtime can really affect a child’s allergies and overall behavior.

When the seasons change, I inevitably see a rise in children’s “bad days”, with parents complaining of cranky kids or tantrumming.

As an OT, I’ve worked with many parents who struggle with clothing and dressing issues with their child with sensory processing issues.  Moms are frustrated because their little one will only wear dresses  or refuses to wear underwear.  Dads complain that their child tantrums about tee-shirts and socks.  Over the years, I’ve made behavior charts, and recommended tag-less shirts and under armor.  Every child responds differently to different interventions.  One line of products that I am excited about is the SmartKnitKIDS line.

As the weather begins to get cooler, clothing will change from short sleeves to long and from light to heavy.  While this seems like no big deal to many of us, it can be very upsetting for a child with sensory processing issues.  Options that I’ve tried for students in school include compression vests, weighted vests, or weighted lap pads.  However, there are options for home, too.  Some kids don’t want to “look different” or have anything “special” for their sensory processing difficulties.  That’s what I love about the SmartKnitKIDS line.   SmartKnitKIDS offers invisible options for  underneath the clothes.  I learned about this line of products at a conference and was immediately impressed by the variety of products and the quality of the materials.   As I looked through the different options, students kept popping into my head. “This would be perfect for Grace, these socks might be good for Tommy” etc.  I know from experience that parents will try anything if it will make their child comfortable.  I left that conference ready to recommend this line of products to a bunch of parents that struggle with the morning routine, dressing, and a very limited number of clothing options.

Children with sensory processing issues often find comfort in constant firm pressure.  The Compresso-T is super soft and looks like a regular undershirt.  There are no seams and its material is designed to stay dry and cool.  The Compresso-T provides the same input as a compression vest, which can help a child with sensory processing issues feel calm and self-regulated.  And it’s invisible to the eye, so sensitive or anxious kids can get the input they need without feeling the social worry of being different.  It comes in a Bralette, too, which is perfect for tweens or young women who find the discomfort or a typical bra unbearable.

seamless bra smartknits

Socks have been the detriment to many of my parents’ morning routine.  Getting the heel in the right spot, managing seams, etc.  Socks are often the root cause of a child’s (and therefore the parents and the rest of the family’s) meltdown in the morning.  SmartKnitsKIDS seamless socks have absolutely no seam anywhere, and they are designed not bunch up or fall down.  A lot of my little ones with sensitive feet get uncomfortable if/when the socks starts to fall down.  The SmartKnitKIDS Seamless socks are made of stretchy corespun and lycra yarns,which result in a form-fitting design that “hug” little feet and help eliminate wrinkling and bunching.  My research into the design taught me that the socks are spun from the tip out, like a caterpillar spins his cocoon.  Because socks fit snugly, they won’t slip off those wiggliest toes.


SmartKnit kids socks

Years ago, I had one adorable little girl on my caseload who was very uncomfortable wearing underwear.   Her mom and dad were awesome about trying to accommodate her, trying to desensitize her, allowing her to wear long dresses whenever possible.  However, we wanted her to be able to wear pants and underwear on gym day, her soccer uniform, and more than two pairs of leggings.  Underwear problems were often the cause of this beautiful family struggling to get out of the house in the morning, with this sensitive little girl and her mom fighting tears over the upsetting situation.  Seamless Undies would be a perfect thing to suggest for a kid like this!  No seams, soft stretchy material, and no elastic to bother sensitive kids.


Seamless Undies, compression underwear, sensory processing dysfunction


I’m excited to announce a Give-Away from SmartKnitKIDS!

*This post sponsored by SmartKnitKIDS. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. For more information, read my disclaimer.


Miss Jaime OT

~Have A Seamless Day!


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8 thoughts on “Seamless Clothing for Your Sensitive Kid…

  1. Anna Razza says:

    What great options! I know children who have these issues and this line of clothing seems like a perfect solution! I’ve checked their website and see that they have a great selection of colors and sizes too. I wish these products had been available when my son was younger. I will absolutely recommend this line to my friends whose children have sensory issues. Thank you!

  2. Jodi colburn says:

    If only this was around when my son was little. My daughter is now having sensory issues at age 6. I don’t fight with her anymore bc I know it is not her fault she is feeling the way she is. If she does not want to wear something I say ok and we move on. Clothes with no tags are huge for her. Thanks for the grest article!

  3. Jodi colburn says:

    Thanks got the great article! If inly these clothes were around when my son was young. I now have a 6 year old going through the same thing. I don’t fight with her anymore. If she does not want to wear something bc it is too itchy we move into the next thing. Not worth a fight. Thanks for posting alternatives!

  4. Stacy Turke says:

    Ooo the seamless underwear may be just the thing we need to consider for one of my caseload students who refuses to wear any! Will explore the possibility with his mom!

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