Best Travel Games for Family Fun


The car is packed, the best vacation of your life is just a few hours away. Now all you have to do is get there.  So what’s the problem?  THE DREADED CAR RIDE! 

Picture your kids in the backseat, smiling and laughing, joking and taking turns.  Ahhh. That’s how all family road trips are, right?  Sure.  

“Are we there yet?”

“Mom, he hit me!” 

“What’s that smell!?” 

“Stop looking at me!”

Sound familiar?  Yes.  So what do you do?  Of course there is always the option of throwing on a movie, but does that really go along with the quality family time theme you imagined for this trip?  No.

Will it make happy childhood memories that your child will treasure for years to come? No.

But there is hope: Travel Games.   If you recently read my post about pocket-book sized toys, you know that I’m a huge advocate of getting kids to do hands-on learning activities in any way you can.

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