Teaching Letter Formations in Groups Resources

Next Wednesday, October 28, at 7 pm EST , I’ll be hosting a FREE Webinar!

How (& why) to Teach Letter Formations in Groups

Here’s what you need to know:

You can view the Live webinar (and the replay) for FREE on my Youtube page or on my Miss Jaime, O.T.’s Free Webinar’s Page.

( You don’t need to register just to watch).

EVERYONE can access the FREE 32 page digital Teaching Letter Formation in Groups Basics packet here.

(This packet covers all the basic letter groupings that you need to know!)



If you’d like more than the basics, you can check out my 100+ page digital Letter Formations in Groups Workbook for $14.99.

If you’d like AOTA approved CEUs for the course, you can purchase the assessment and slides for $29.99.

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